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Surgical Services

Hammonds Plains Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of surgical services ranging from elective spay and neuter procedures on cats and dogs to soft tissue surgery for mass removal, eyelid repairs, cherry eye, wound management and more. 

Routine spay and neuter operations may be booked on request via phone call or online. Other more involved procedures generally require consultation with one of our veterinarians prior to scheduling as there are a variety of factors which need to be considered prior to booking. We are happy to meet with you and consult on whatever the concern may be, as well as perform a detailed physical assessment of your pet to allow us to decide what surgical approach may be best under the given circumstances.

What to expect on surgery day:

Once your pet is scheduled to have surgery there are a few things to expect. 

  • We will ask that on surgery day your pet be fasted (no food from 10pm the night before onward) but may be given water as normal. 
  • Expect to drop your pet off in the morning on his/her surgery day. 
  • Your pet will stay with us for the day, and generally be able to go home in the evening (usually between 4-7PM). 
  • Upon completing the surgery, your veterinarian will contact you to let you know how the procedure went, and an appropriate pick up time that evening. 

When you pick up your animal, they will often still be groggy or sedated from their procedure. It is a good idea to keep a close eye on them the night after their surgery to make sure they do not injure themselves. Some animals will not sleep well that night and may cry, whine or pace. Your animal has been given pain medication as appropriate, so this is generally not a pain response but is due to confusion as the anesthetic leaves their system. 

Your pet should be mostly back to themselves by the following day, although some animals will still be a little sedated. Most will be eating and drinking close to normal amounts. If you have any post surgical concerns either before or after we call to check in, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.