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Client Care Reception

Kristen’s journey began in Halifax, her birthplace, but a significant part of her childhood was spent on the serene landscapes of the South Shore. It was during this time that her profound affection for animals blossomed, and a special bond formed with her beloved German Shepherd/Lab mix, Sammy. Alongside her furry friend, Kristen’s heart was also captured by horses at a young age, evident from the countless pictures where she sported a wide grin while atop a pony’s back.

Although Kristen initially explored her artistic side, dedicating 13 years to dance, her true calling emerged, compelling her to pursue horseback riding lessons. As her passion for equestrian activities grew, she found herself volunteering at stables and eventually securing a job there. In 2016, Kristen’s dedication to animals led her to complete an Animal Sciences course, further deepening her knowledge and commitment.

Today, Kristen’s heart remains firmly set on working with and aiding animals. Her journey, from falling in love with creatures during her idyllic days on the South Shore to becoming a trained in Animal Sciences, reflects her unwavering devotion to this noble cause.

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