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ExaminationVomiting? Diarrhea? Hasn’t eaten in a couple of days? Limping? Lumps or bumps?

There are a variety of reasons that might prompt you to make an appointment with your veterinarian. Sometimes your pet is very sick, other times you aren’t sure but something is just a little “off”. Listen to that inner voice when it tells you something just isn’t right. Your own observations of your pet can be the most important tool in identifying a problem early on. Animals are creatures of habit and when something changes in their behaviour, it is often the first clue they aren’t feeling well.

If your normally social cat is hiding all of a sudden, or your bouncy and excited Yorkie has taken to spending their days on the couch, this might warrant a visit to your veterinarian.

At Hammonds Plains Veterinary Hospital we offer consultations with our veterinarians to address whatever concerns you may have. These consultations include a discussion to identify your concerns followed by a detailed physical examination of your pet. Sometimes, based on these two items, we may discuss further diagnostic testing if it is warranted. This allows us to obtain the most information possible for a diagnosis, resulting in the best treatment or management of the issue(s) with your pet.

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