2069 Hammonds Plains Road,
Hammonds Plains,
B4B 1P3


Veterinary Assistant

Morgan’s journey began in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where she was born, but it was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she spent her formative years and has resided ever since. Right from an early age, Morgan’s heart was captivated by animals, and she always had an unwavering determination to pursue a career centered around them.

Morgan’s career path did not initially align with her passion. Instead, her experience in customer service paved the way for her first job as a veterinary receptionist at an emergency clinic. This opportunity opened doors she didn’t expect and bolstered her confidence and knowledge to venture further into the veterinary profession becoming a Veterinary Assistant. Eventually, she found her place at HPVH, a place she now calls home.

During her leisure time, Morgan revels in the great outdoors, finding joy in nature’s beauty. Crafting is another pastime that brings her delight, showcasing her creativity and skills. Most importantly, she cherishes moments spent with her partner and beloved animals, forming bonds that enrich her life in countless ways.

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