2069 Hammonds Plains Road,
Hammonds Plains,
B4B 1P3


Veterinary Assistant

Nicole’s journey began in Kingston, Ontario, but at the young age of 5, her family moved to the heart of Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, where she had been fortunate to call home for nearly two decades. Now, as she finds herself back in the area, she feels a deep sense of happiness and connection to her roots.

From an early age, Nicole’s heart was captured by her unwavering passion for animals, nature, and science. As the years passed, this passion only grew stronger, fueling her dreams of intertwining all three aspects in her life. Now, on the verge of completing her degree in Bioveterinary Science at Dalhousie University’s Agricultural campus, Nicole is thrilled to be on the cusp of dedicating her life to her true passions.

Beyond her studies, Nicole’s heart is also filled with love and adoration for her furry companions. She shares her home in Bedford with her partner and a delightful menagerie of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and hermit crabs. Whether embarking on exciting adventures or cherishing quality time at home with loved ones, Nicole finds joy in every moment she spends with her beloved family.

As she embarks on this new chapter in her life, Nicole not only aims to fulfill her own dreams but also hopes to share the boundless love and joy she has received from her fur babies with many others. With her heart dedicated to animals, nature, and science, Nicole’s path is one of compassion, knowledge, and happiness.

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